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Changing how retailers communicate with their customers

Pierhouse provides smart in-store signage to retailers across the world, increasing sales uplift at the shelf edge and enabling agility in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Our NetTickIT software delivers sophisticated automation enabling staff to run in-store promotions quickly and simply providing a flexible, dynamic framework. It ensures compliance, control and reporting across multiple customer touch points, while reducing waste, improving operational effectiveness and offering multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities.

Customers love the rich in-store experience brought to them by the NetTickIT platform. The right information, in the right place, at the right time for easy shopping decisions.

Retailers love NetTickIT’s proven ROI benefits – dynamic in-store promotions, efficient store processes, centralised reporting and compliance as well as multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.

We are passionate about retail and with installations in over 60 countries across the retail sector, we are experts in smart in-store signage.

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Company profile

Headquarters:Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom
Asia PacificMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
City Hall, Singapore
EMEAJohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +44 (0)1252 735000
Industry: Retail
Experience:30 years+

Our history

Pierhouse has spent the last 30 years helping retailers manage the publishing and production of effective in-store communications. Starting out as a specialist printer we have always looked at how to deliver innovation and value through technology.

We were one of the first users of digital printing and also a pioneer of using software to improve the creation, management and deployment of complex tickets and point of sale materials.

Our NetTickIT platform brings an advanced signage management solution to Retailers, providing an extensive range of marketing, technical and operational benefits. It provides great flexibility to grow with the needs of the Retailer to enable agility in a fiercely competitive market.

Our team love retail and we understand the different challenges faced across the retail industry. We are passionate about delivering an engaging store environment for customers helping them to buy more and encouraging them to make repeat visits.

Our values


To provide the best software and advice so that all in-store shoppers can easily see the latest prices, product information and offers which results in more sales and happy in-store shoppers.


Be customer centric in everything we do
Always think from the customer’s perspective to help them be more successful.

Work together
Always work as a team within the company and with customers and partners.

Be curious
Ask questions. Build knowledge about retailers and their customers to continuously improve our software and services.

Be passionate
Care about and enjoy what you do. Help others be passionate about what they do.

Love retail
Be knowledgeable about all aspects of retail and help shape its future direction.

Pierhouse will not let customers down or make promises that we know are unlikely to be met.