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Smart in-store signage for every retailer

From forecourts to fine food, DIY to department stores, electrical to entertainment NetTickIT can provide solutions for every sector in retail.  Our solution can deliver numerous commercial and customer benefits for retailers, whatever products they sell and in whatever format they trade in. Because we only work in retail we understand the different challenges presented in each retail sector and can help tailor solutions that support current trading but give retailers a platform on which to grow and develop their customer experiences as new technologies become available.

Whether you want to increase legal compliance, save labour hours, reduce print and paper costs, drive sales or trade consistently across many countries or currencies, NetTickIT can provide a solution. We have helped many retailers achieve their objectives and in many cases find additional sales benefits or cost savings that deliver an even greater return on their investment in NetTickIT.

Sales uplift
82% of customer decisions are made at the shelf edge. Smart in store signage provided by NetTickIT can help drive customer sales conversion rates
Improved efficiencies
Our solutions simplify in-store processes enabling store associates more time to spend with customers, increasing customer loyalty and reducing labour costs
Multiple currencies & languages
NetTickIT supports multiple currencies and languages so retailers can scale their solution across all the countries they trade in

Dynamic price & promotions
NetTickIT allows retailers to make changes to price or promotions and make them live in store in minutes, great for keeping ahead of competitors and offering the latest deals to customers
Compliance & consistency
The right price on the right product at the right time delivered by NetTickIT means that stores can trade legally and safely, providing a consistent customer experience
Flexible by store format
Stores only receive signage relevant to their size and format so they only receive or print what they need, reducing print waste and saving labour hours

Links to digital devices
NetTickIT can interface with all types of digital media so that all brand and marketing messages are consistent and support promotions and campaigns
Easy integration
Our NetTickIT solution provides seamless integration with existing legacy systems without the need for expensive IT development
Professional signage
NetTickIT allows retailers to completely control how signage looks, maintaining brand consistency and offering an innovative and engaging customer experience