Augumented Reality

Take a closer look at what you are about to buy; find out more technical detail; check out key attributes; visualize what it looks like in real life; promote other products in category

Bringing the virtual world in-store

In today’s fiercely competitive retail marketplace, retailers need to find new ways to attract and retain customers in-store. This crowded marketplace has meant that many traditional marketing methods are failing to attract shopper attention and so that’s where augmented reality comes in.

Today’s sophisticated shoppers opt for a blend of online, mobile, and bricks-and-mortar shopping, when they want it, and brands and retailers need to think of new ways to grab shopper attention and call them to action.

Boosting customer engagement

Augmented reality is able to bring an image, product label or even shop window to life. This gives customers the chance to engage with stores and products in a highly personalised way, bringing enhanced interaction and loyalty. Interactive shop windows, magic dressing rooms, interactive apps and clever technology to generate colour and skin tone suggestions are all bringing the shopping experience alive.

Research by IBM showed that 58% of consumers want to get product information in-store before a purchase.

Around 19% of these shoppers use their mobile devices during the buying journey and this figure is set to grow. Ensuring that the store can provide a blend of technologies and traditional price, promotion and product information is key to competitive advantage, enticing shoppers to interact with products and convert them from browsers to buyers.

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