Here is another innovative way to get customers into your stores with a very specific offer that is not open to all customers.  It works like this. Each day customers who have signed up, or a segment of them, are offered an outstanding 50% off one outstanding specific product. The product is carefully selected and will be of high quality and may or may not be familiar to the customer. To take advantage of the deal the shopper pays for the item online and it is credited to their loyalty card.
To get the product the customer goes to the store and simply picks it off the shelf along with the rest of their shopping. When they pay at the checkout and swipe their loyalty card the outstanding offer that they paid for online is deducted from their bill.  This service is from a small company called Aisle50 in the US and Lowes Foods are a significant client.
Always good to hear about innovative ways to get customers into stores. If you hear of any others that you would like to share please reply to this blog or let me know at: