AdhesiveLabels_Blog_504x309Shelf edge labelling must be clean, smart, visible and contain all of the information that shoppers need to make a buying decision. It’s so important to get this right because this is where every shopper makes that final buying decision.
Occasionally I visit stores and see adhesive labels stuck on the shelf edge instead of professional looking paper tickets.  Some are not straight or peeling off, some have peeled off.  Often they just contain minimal information such as price and no reasons to buy.  They tend to give a bad image of the store.

Great but what’s the ROI?

It’s often very easy to convince retailers about how much better shelf edge tickets can look when printed on paper in store using a smart ticketing system.  However, it’s not always easy for the converted to get internal financial approval. I’ve just discovered a case study that can help from FFR Merchandising.  They have been in business for 50 years and know a lot about retailing.
The study shows that adhesive tickets cost more and need to be replaced more often. The difference is so great in labour and materials costs that even including new plastic shelf edge strips the remaining savings can also pay for a new smart signage solution like NetTickIT from Pierhouse and still show a positive ROI.
If you are still using adhesive tickets in your stores on the shelf edge or on individual products we’d love to help you improve the information that you give to your customers and save you money.
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