Amazon is becoming the source of product information used before shoppers actually buy in stores.
The much talked about showrooming threat that most shoppers would go into stores to look at products and then order them on their mobile from Amazon, while in the store, has not come to pass. Certainly some shoppers use Amazon in store to gain more detailed product information but most end up actually buying in from the store. It could even be that the provision of product information in stores from Amazon actually helps stores close more sales!
Shopper like stores
Shoppers love the immediacy of picking up the product and taking it home straight away. They also appreciate that it’s much quicker and easier to return a product to a store if it’s not right and get advice from a real person. Internet only retailers can’t do this.  For many shoppers this level of service is highly valued and more important than price.  Of course price is relevant but Amazon is not always the cheapest anyway.  Even worse, their rapidly changing price manipulations could take them from cheapest to dearest between logins a few minutes apart.
How shoppers like buying
The new trend seems to be researching products on Amazon at home to narrow the options and get a rough benchmark price.  Shoppers then go to stores to see the product and make their final choice. They take the product home with them or order from the store.  Helpfully many stores are now making more product information available in their stores for shoppers. This could be on price tickets, QR codes and other technologies plus, most important of all, from well trained staff. As this trend continues more and more shoppers will be able to resist the “buy now” button on Amazon and go for the consistency and pleasure of shopping in stores.