This move by Amazon is not unexpected and will obviously put pressure on other retailers to respond. The automatic reaction will be to look at their own pick-up services, but copying others is rarely a good strategy on it’s own.

The shelf edge

Retailers also need to look at ways that they can capitalise on their physical stores. The first point has to be the shelf edge. Retailers need to look what they can do with in-store signage to make shoppers buy now instead of waiting for any time. This means a smarter and more flexible signage solution that gives customers reasons to buy. This is a zero wait service. Here is an example of how you can do this.

Solve the carrying  problem

The second thing to look at is making it easier for shoppers to get a product purchased in store home. I’d recommend looking at new services such as: In department lockers to store purchases till you have finished your other shopping. Easy very near pick up points that can be driven to like John Lewis provide in some locations. Lockers in the car park where shoppers can pick up the product as they exit the car park.
The aim is for retailers to provide services and processes that are valuable to shoppers but are very hard or impossible for Amazon to copy.
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