One in the eye for Goliath. Pierhouse has a unique take on augmented reality (AR) ads. Our Invisi signs ties the AR experience to physical stores and becomes an effective advertisement, drawing potential shoppers into your store to try out the new technology. While there, they are certain to browse other wares and departments, whether or not they purchase what you are promoting.

Invisi signs in AR experience

Imagine your stores this Christmas, hundreds of products tightly packed in a small space, and grabbing the attention of shoppers is extremely challenging. This type of hyper-local targeting is likely to be the future of augmented reality in advertising. Just as businesses leveraged the Pokémon craze to offer special deals to high-level players, a few strategically placed invisible offers leading shoppers to a restaurant or coffee shop could be just the thing to boost a local branch’s business. The NetTickIT platform is superb at taking data from till systems, marketing management software, third-parties or spreadsheet. NetTickIT takes the current product and promotional data from your systems and makes it available across the store in shelf edge labelling, augmenting product information and AR and traditional promotional advertising.

Imagine placing a huge sign pointing to your shop right in the middle of the retail park or outside a competitors store entrance. Prohibitively expensive or even illegal in the physical world. In the digital realm, it’s easy. The technology also allows for fast and nimble iteration and change. AR signs, ads, and other content can be changed and updated remotely and instantly, a far cry from swapping out physical store displays and other more traditional advertising.

Overall, AR is set to be a gift for bricks and mortar retailing. The only sure thing is that advertising will never be the same. Pierhouse make fun, memorable, and very effective advertisements using NetTickIT Augmented Reality.