Retailers are making large investments in their stores to improve customer experience and get customers to buy more in stores, but unit pricing can frustrate shoppers.
Which? research out today shows that 74% of people think supermarkets try to mislead them with confusing prices. They cite an example of a bag of three mixed peppers at £2.25 per kg or three loose basics peppers at 55p each and ask “which is the best value?” Richard Lloyd executive Director of Which? also pointed out that many supermarkets fail to display unit prices on special offers, so it’s hard for customers to tell whether the offer is ‘special’ after all.
Supermarkets do not want to put shoppers off buying by making them confused or annoyed because it’s hard to understand the best buying options at the shelf edge. However, many retailers do not have up to date ticketing systems that can easily create and change tickets ensuring that they provide the best information for shoppers. This new report from Which? and increasing customer pressure will drive several retailers to put a new ticketing system into their budgets for next year and make it a more urgent priority.