The Grocer and the press are giving a lot of coverage to the importance customers give to clear pricing and quality offers. What can retailers do to increase shopper trust in their promotions?
The purpose of any in-store promotion is ultimately to sell more products but promotions also play a key role in attracting customers to the store and encouraging them to keep coming back for more. However, to get all three benefits from a promotion shoppers have to be able to easily understand the promotion and believe that it offers good value.  If shoppers do not regard promotions positively stores risk not just loosing a sale but also loosing a customer and perhaps their friends too!
What do shoppers want?
When visiting a store shoppers want to be able to easily see all the information needed to make a buying decision about every product in the store. This includes prices, offers, specifications, reviews or anything else that they think they might need to make a good buying decision.  All of the information has to be clear, accurate and consistent throughout the store and, as one of my retailer friends adds, make sense to the average 10 year old.
It’s not always easy for retailers to consistently deliver full compliance across all stores but the risks of not doing compliance and promotions well is increasing.  Shoppers are less tolerant of missing or inaccurate information in physical stores because they have experienced how well many on-line competitors present product information.
Excellent ticketing is becoming a priority 
A number of large retailers have already understood the strategic importance of a smart ticketing system as a key part of their in-store infrastructure and as a vehicle for managing all in-store customer communications.  Justifying a new ticketing system to the board is no longer about cost savings over traditional production methods it’s a high priority business decision.
As new high functioning ticketing systems like NetTickIT get increasingly deployed it opens up opportunities to not just improve the value and accuracy of pricing and offers for customers but to also introduce some new ways of working that were not previously possible. This is where life gets very exciting and a subject for some future blogs.