Trust_Blog_504x309According to a survey by ICM only 7% of customers completely trust supermarket price claims to be accurate. That leaves 93% of customers who have some level of concerns.

As price is a top factor in deciding where people do their shopping, some stores lose customers because their pricing claims are not trusted.  This could even happen to stores that have good prices but don’t communicate price and offer information clearly to their customers. Good prices are not enough on their own, customers have to understand them and trust you too.
The number two factor in deciding where people do their grocery shopping in this survey is not what you would traditionally expect. It’s not location. It’s quality. Shoppers need to be convinced that they will not have to throw away products due to unexpected low quality. That’s a waste of money no matter how little the product costs.
Nearly all stores are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that the quality of their products is good.  However, not all of them are putting the same degree of effort into ensuring that price and offer information is being clearly and accurately displayed at all times.  This has resulted in lost sales.
This situation is starting to change quite rapidly because 30% of shoppers don’t buy products where they can’t clearly see the price. They also walk away if they don’t understand the offer. The solution is to use smart tickets that meet the needs of shoppers by giving them all the information needed to make a buying decision at the shelf edge. A more advanced ticketing system will make a big difference for many retailers.