We all know that once shoppers have selected their products they want to pay as quickly and easily as possible. As a result many stores have made significant investments in technology and staff to help speed up the checkout process for shoppers.  Some have put in Express lanes and self-service checkouts plus many retailers are looking into ways that customers can pay without going to any checkout. Examples include payment by various phone apps and NFC technology and the ability for roving staff to take payments at the shelf edge.
This drive for speed and efficiency is often good for the retailer and good for shoppers. However, there are a significant number of shoppers who either do not like these different payments methods or are simply unable to use them.  Finnish retailer K-citymarket have come up with an answer for these shoppers, the slow-track checkout. It’s aimed at the elderly, the disabled, and anyone else who feels stressed at supermarket checkouts and wants a more relaxed shopping experience.
At the slow-track checkout, the assistant serves customers “according to their needs,” which can include putting goods on the checkout belt, helping customers make payments and packing. The process is adapted to the customer’s pace, including time for conversation.
This facinating project is currently in pilot mode and it will be interesting to see how many shoppers end up choosing a slow lane checkout.
Website: www.k-citymarket.fi