The purpose of any type of point of sale (POS) from simple price tickets to complex displays is to provide customers with a level of information that will encourage them to buy the product in front of them on the shelf edge NOW.

Increasing sales with the right POS and price tickets

It’s hard to think of anything more important to a shopper than knowing what the price of a product is.  Accurate price tickets should be mandatory for all products so it’s surprising that during our secret shopper visits we find so many products without any form of price ticket. Those retailers could be losing up to 30% of potential sales on products without tickets, especially if it’s a product that shoppers are unfamiliar with.

Shoppers don’t just buy on price – they often need more to encourage them to buy NOW. The right POS and the right offers increase sales but POS does not have to always offer a price deal. There are many other ways to encourage customers to buy the product by stating its benefits, giving product specifications or simply saying how popular it is with other customers. We talk to a lot of retailers about this and currently the area of greatest interest is how offers are presented. The solution can be making better use of the simple shelf edge label, more complex larger printed signs or digital signage. Possibly all three.

The secret is to understand these trigger devices from a customer point of view and having the ability to monitor and change them easily, dependent upon sales. In-store printing is key to making this happen effectively as is a software tool like NetTickIT to ensure that all ticketing is in sync and accurate. Together in-store printing and NetTickIT will ensure that shoppers can easily see the price and reason to buy NOW for every product.
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