According to a survey in the Guardian, British shoppers waste an average of five days a year waiting at home for delivery of products bought via the internet, while nearly one in five will spend two weeks hoping for deliveries to arrive. The survey of more than 3,000 internet shoppers found that their number one gripe was not being given a defined delivery time slot (singled out by 90% of respondents) – which meant they had to take time off to ensure they are at home when their goods turn up.

cons of online shopping

Cons of online shopping

What are the cons of shopping online? Well, some people are paying a high price for the convenience of buying online. The time spent waiting at home for a delivery could have been spent going to the local shops, actually seeing the product and getting advise on the best options. There would even be time to have a relaxing coffee before bringing the product home. All without all the inconvenience and frustration of waiting at home for a delivery. Add the loss of a days holiday or the awkwardness of taking a “sick day” and for some purchases the benefits of buying online become definitely questionable.

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