You can’t buy it anywhere else
The only certainty of everyday low pricing (EDLP) is that margins will be very thin and few players will be successful long term. Not exactly encouraging when prices are becoming increasingly transparent and that’s why so many retailers are taking a different strategy. They are increasing the range of their own brand products and getting exclusive products from suppliers. Price becomes less relevant because you can’t buy them anywhere else.
Retailers have come a long way since the beginning of own-brand lines where many were at value or mid-range price points. There are now more private-label introductions into the premium space than there are branded introductions. However, with this shift in focus retailers have to work harder to make customers aware of their new offerings and why they should buy these new more expensive products. These new products need to be marketed and the most important place to do this is where the final buying decision is made. At the shelf edge.
Have a look at the animation on this web site for a few ideas about how to do that effectively with tickets that sell.