Tesco’s Chief Executive, Philip Clarke, emphasised in his strategy for putting Tesco UK back on track that “retail is detail”.  I’m sure that we all agree with him.
The challenge for Tesco, and most other retailers, is that shoppers have increasingly high expectations about their shopping experience. They have a much lower tolerance of long checkout queues, missing price tickets, misleading promotions and poor customer service.  Not only has the base line risen but it keeps rising. For example shoppers want more information about products in the store to help them make the best buying decision – and it better be consistent and correct.
Waitrose recognised this particular issue some time ago and are putting in place a strategic signage management system. It will  ensure that all in store customer signage is consistent, correct and easy for them to change.  This includes all printed and electronically displayed information on electronic shelf labels or screens.  In this example getting the details right is about getting the data right.
Who said it first?
Incidentally the “retail is detail” quote came from James Gulliver who while at Fine Fare and Safeway laid down the ground rules for supermarket retailing along with Jack Cohen – the founder of Tesco.