Many retailers would like to be able to directly communicate with customers in their store with offers, new products or other information that would improve their in-store experience. Several companies are starting to offer this type of functionality but shoppers are often loathe to share personal details and their mobile phone numbers for fear of being forever plagued by selling messages. I’m sure that many of us would have the same concern. A new company called Brouha in the US have found a way around this impasse with an anonymous presence-based mobile messaging platform.
To activate this free app, users first need a Brouha card, which they can pick up from participating stores. Once the user has registered this RFID card to their iPhone, it is then able to receive automated messages from signed up stores regarding exclusive deals, new products, in-store events and other relevant, time-sensitive information but only when the user actually enters their store.
It will be interesting to see if this takes off in the UK. I suspect that it will but perhaps in a more integrated way.