I’ve been writing for some time about the importance of shoppers choosing the retailers that they trust rather than just the cheapest.  Lots of people have opinions on the subject but I have seen little evidence based on actually asking consumers what they think. I was therefore please to come across some research from IBM which they are announcing at the National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York next week..
Below is a brief extract from their findings.
Research by the IBM Institute for Business Value of over 28,500 global consumers suggests that retailers need to understand which kinds of shopper experiences create trust, and what falls short in terms of customer expectations. Specifically, retailers need to examine their physical and virtual store environments, product assortments, promotions, associate knowledge, and customer service standards from the perspective of creating trust.
I wonder what the impact would be if we all asked ourselves “will this action help build trust?” before we actually took that action.