The retail market is extremely competitive not only for retailers but brands as well.
According to Marketing Week the answer to success for brands is to create a sticky brand¹. The purpose being to make sure your brand is the first one a customer thinks of when they are ready to make a purchase.
However, 82% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf edge², so brands cannot afford to overlook the whole customer journey and every touchpoint should be considered.

But how can retailers help brands to stand out from the crowd at this vital point of purchase?

A good starting point is the retailers ability to quickly and easily represent brands in their shelf edge ticketing and signage. We, at Pierhouse, recommend a campaign is started at the shelf edge and build the campaign outwardly to larger PoS, front of store, digital and online channels. In other words:

  1. Start at the shelf edge and decide what messages you want to communicate
  2. Then work out from there to ensure that all other communications (outdoor, TV, newspapers, etc) support that message.

Ensuring at all touchpoints that brand logos and styles are incorporated into all messages and therefore maintaining a consistent message right to the shelf edge and the final point of purchase.

¹ Marketing Week June 2016 How to Create a Sticky Brand
² POPAI 2014 Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study