The BBC has investigated and reported that Tesco customers were charged for out of date offers in 66% of stores they visited1. Promotions were advertised at the shelf edge but the time-limited discounts were not applied at tills.
A member of staff blamed the problem on being short staffed, following a 50% reduction in their department.
The BBC found multi-buy deals still on display days, weeks and – in some cases – months after the deductions were no longer being applied at the till.
We, at Pierhouse, believe there is simply no excuse for this to happen in this day and age.  Retailers need to get these basics right before they begin to worry about frictionless retailing, personalisation and the next great technology trend.
Our product NetTickIT provides retailers with the tools and means to get this right with:

Real-time Ticket Updates that alert the stores to the fact that these tickets are out of date and newer versions are ready to be displayed

In-Store Compliance Checks that enable store staff to use mobile apps to scan tickets on the shelf edge and automatically print out replacements if the ticket is out of date

Real-time Compliance Dashboard for Head Office users to audit which stores have not printed those urgent replacement tickets

This can be achieved at the same time as saving labour costs in stores. Tesco apparently halved their labour force and got in a pickle, but NetTickIT can provide retailers with 80-95% reduction in the in-store labour required to manage shelf edge tickets whilst still maintaining a high level of compliance.
Once NetTickIT is in situ, it can provide retailers with the framework to explore personalisation, electronic shelf labels (ESL’s), mobile self-scanning, augmented reality and more…
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1 BBC report on 13th February 2017, click here to view report