A destination store has historically been regarded as a large departmental store that attracts people from some distance away to a shopping centre and the nearby shops.  However, increasingly a range of different retailers are using the term “destination store” to describe how they would like their stores to be regarded. So perhaps it’s time to modify the definition of what a destination store is.
Obviously a destination store still has the objective of attracting people from a distance but, those people also need to spend money in the store.  Not all destination stores currently achieve this. I’d suggest that it also needs to attract local people that buy products more often too.  So what makes a store a destination store that meets my additional criteria? Here’s my top 10 checklist.

  1.  It is not identical to other stores in the chain
  2.  It specialises in a focused and distinct market segment
  3.  It offers some products that can not be found elsewhere
  4.  It surprises you in some good ways every time you visit
  5.  It offers good value (That does not mean that it is always the cheapest!)
  6. The staff are helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and professional
  7. You would make special trip there and recommend it to a friend
  8. They can get you things that they don’t have in stock
  9. All of the information needed to make the best buying decision is available
  10. All prices and offers are clear and easy to understand

It would be good to hear your views either in comments to this blog or by email if you prefer. I’ll write a follow up blog with some of your thoughts in about a week.