Thanks to everyone who completed our survey and shared their comments with us. One of our objectives for the survey was to find out if there were significant differences in the views of  IT, Retail Operations and Marketing about what’s important in a new signage or ticketing system.  Representatives from all three functions are involved in selecting and operating a signage or ticketing system but we discovered that their priorities are often quite different.
At the top of IT’s priorities is the ability to integrate with multiple data sets in ERP and MRM systems. They’d also love to reduce the number of unsupported spreadsheets in the organisation.
The top priority for Retail Operations was Compliance and audit capability. Looking across the results I’d summarise their other priorities as simplifying processes and improving customer experience.
Marketing prioritised Brand consistency which in some respects is quite similar to to the priority of Compliance in Retail Operations.  The theme running through their other priorities can be summed up in just one word, faster.
If you are planning for a new signage or ticketing system and want to know more about the different priorities I would be happy to share more findings with you.