Most shoppers never read their receipt after they leave a store and few people retain them – unless of course they think a purchase may need to be returned!  Very few shoppers go to the trouble of keeping all their receipts and can find any receipt whenever they need to. The problem for the rest of us only kicks in when we really need a receipt but can’t find it!
The world of receipts may be changing.  Proximiant is now offering shoppers in the USA digital receipts for their transactions. Shoppers make payments in the normal ways but use NFC to let bricks-and-mortar stores send digital receipts directly to shoppers’ phones at the point of purchase. No more bits of paper to lose and shopper can do this without the need to share their email address or any other personal information with the store.
All receipts from shops using Proximiant are digitally stored in a searchable database without the need to keep paper records.  Individual receipts can be called up at any time and the bar code can be scanned from the phone.
I really like this concept because it helps bricks and mortar stores match or beat the type of receipt services offered by on line vendors.