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This customer is a chain of office supplies stores with over 150 locations across Australia.

The Challenge

This retailer was spending lots of time, money and resources producing large format point of sale for stores and distributing over long distances to each store.  Quite expensive considering stores already had large format printers in store to print posters for customers!  Store labels were generated from their own pricing system and were boring, hard to read and not engaging for customers.

They had some complex and varied internal systems supplying data and it wasn’t always clear which system held the correct price or promotion. They needed help to identify what data was correct and how to get it fed onto in store price labels.

In store processes for price checking and label printing were time consuming, slow and inaccurate.

The Solution

Despite being 10,000 miles away we worked hand in hand with the Retailers’ IT team to help them simplify and improve the feed of product, price and promotional data coming from their systems.  This data fed into NetTickIT and using point of sale templates would automatically apply the correct information for every product whenever a piece of signage, from labels to posters, was printed.

NetTickIT now links to their in-store large format printers enabling stores to print labels and signs up to A1 in store.  Stores only print exactly what they need and so waste from unused centrally produced signage is virtually eliminated.  NetTickIT has helped them create simple impactive signs that stores print quickly in store whenever needed at a fraction of the cost and time of the previous process.

In store we worked with the store operations team and created a customised NetTickIT iOS app which enabled store teams to use iPad minis to check label accuracy and order re-prints of missing or damaged labels within seconds.

Here’s some quotes from the retailer’s implementation team:

NetTickIT has been a real benefit to our business in many different areas
Store teams love the ability to print only the signage they need and the iOS app is ridiculously easy and effective to use
The team from the UK have been supportive, helpful and always available to help us scope and deliver this solution, simplifying our processes, lowering costs and improving the customer journey in our stores


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Company profile

Industry:Office Supplies
Number of Stores:150+


  • Inaccurate price data
  • Poorly designed labels
  • Expensive centralised print


  • NetTickIT aggregated all product data feeds for in store labels and signage up to A1 size
  • Improved label design using NetTickIT Publisher
  • In store printing solution saved significant costs