NetTickIT Designer

Our NetTickIT Designer solution offers Retailers intelligent template control ensuring on brand compliance and consistency. It combines high impact visual designs with dynamic data

Intelligent signage templates

NetTickIT Designer is used to build intelligent templates that specify the design of corporate signage, offers, tickets, POS labels and displays. In fact any signage that you might need in a store. The intelligent templates produced by NetTickIT Designer are very powerful and manage an extensive range of product and promotional data to ensure every sign is on brand and accurate.

Pierhouse build all of their own software and the latest version of NetTickIT Designer contains added functionality to communicate with OnePoint, new versions of NetTickIT Publisher and electronic signage.

Easy to use

NetTickIT Designer has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of retail and is easy to use. It therefore has many advantages over general purpose design tools for your barkers and promotional signs. As part of the NetTickIT suite NetTickIT Designer seamlessly interfaces with NetTickIT Publisher and other Pierhouse products such as OnePoint.

Too many templates?

When we start working with new clients we often find that they have many hundreds of different templates and it’s hard for staff to know which ones to use. At Pierhouse we have been working with intelligent templates for many years and are often able to reduce the number of templates used by up to 90% without loss of functionality. The power of NetTickIT Designer also greatly simplifies the management of templates.

We are happy to design templates for our customers or they can do it themselves using the same NetTickIT Designer module.

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