Digital Points of Sale

Our NetTickIT smart in-store signage platform allows retailers to control and publish to all forms of digital screens.

Digital Screens, Digital Tickets and Video Shelves

As technology advances customers can access far more engaging content at the shelf edge than ever before. Video shelf edge labels give retailers and brands a unique opportunity to advertise to customers at the point of decision.

Digital promotions on screens and digital labels can be deployed which engage, inform and convert shoppers. Recent studies suggest that digital signage can increase sales by up to 30%!!


NetTickIT can take your data and feed it into high impact digital screens, shelf edge strips and digital labels in full
colour, fully animated, engaging and entertaining content.

Using NetTickIT gives you the option of updating content.

Prices and promotions instantly enabling you to update your customer communications allowing store staff to concentrate on selling and serving customers which in turn delivers incremental sales and better brand awareness.

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