Pierhouse has a unique take on augmented reality (AR) applications for retail. We know that 89% of consumers are saying a positive digital experience is just as important as prices1 and despite being digital natives, 57% of generation Z say they prefer to shop in-store rather than online².

So how best to blend the digital and physical world in store and at the shelf edge to drive sales and draw new customers into your store. We believe AR will prove to be the key and that’s why we have enhanced our NetTickIT platform to incorporate Invisi Signs.

Invisi Signs allow retailers to communicate with customers in store on a completely new level, offering additional product information such as allergens, promotions and personalised offers direct to customers via their smart phones.

The technology also allows for fast and nimble iteration and change. AR signs, ads, and other content can be changed and updated remotely and instantly, a far cry from swapping out physical store displays and other more traditional advertising.

Overall, AR is set to be a gift for bricks and mortar retailing. Pierhouse are using AR to make the shopping experience fun, memorable, and very effective at engaging your customers to keep them coming back to your store again and again.

Contact us today to learn how NetTickIT® can help improve your customers shopping experience and see our interactive demo of some of the possibilities for in-store AR experiences.

Sources: Riverbed Retail Digital Trends Survey 2019¹ and CrowdTwist Report²