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Why use electronic shelf labels?

Electronic labels can help retailers deal with one of the most challenging operations in retail – maintaining price and promotional accuracy. More and more retailers are using electronic shelf edge labels in store and realising significant returns for them and their customers on their initial investment. ESLs can help retailers…

  • Deliver dynamic price & promotional changes in every store instantly
  • React to competitor or market changes maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Save significiant labour costs associated with shelf edge labels
  • Improve the customer experience giving customers confidence in displayed prices and promotions

NetTickIT supports latest innovations in shelf edge communication and we work with partners who can provide the latest in store label technology for retailers looking to improve their customer’s experience.

Combining Paper & Digital Content

Soon most stores will have a blend of printed and digital shelf edge labels at the shelf edge and it’s vital for both forms of customer communication to work together from the outset. NetTickIT meets this need because it outputs information not just to printers but also to electronic shelf labels and other digital devices.

Utilising NetTickIT software in conjunction with ESLs ensures that printed point of sale and electronic shelf labels are in sync and compliance is not put at risk.

Pierhouse understand ESLs and have been demonstrating how easily NetTickIT connects to Displaydata, Pricer and all major ESL hardware for several years.

The Red Button Demo

To illustrate how well NetTickIT integrates with electronic shelf labels and other digital devices Pierhouse created the red button demo. It visually shows how easy it is for the marketing team at head office to make changes to promotions and prices across the whole estate. Prices change on the electronic shelf labels, new printed tickets come out of store printers and a lot more too. Pierhouse would be pleased discuss how electronic shelf labels could best be applied in your stores.

For a personalised demo, please contact us.