Harveys cut costs with integrated in-store printing

Harveys Furnishing Group, the largest furniture specialist in the UK has reduced costs and is able to implement price changes in minutes. Harveys have achieved this by upgrading to the latest version of the NetTickIT from Pierhouse.

As a long standing Pierhouse customer they were confident that the upgrade would be implemented on time and with minimum disruption. The new system went live just before Christmas, since then more than 250,000 tickets and POS items have been produced in their 150 stores.

NetTickIT has been configured so the data within the pricing ticketing system is fully synched with the EPOS system and allows dynamic management of prices as Harveys move between promotions.

Helen Vinken, marketing director Harveys, said, “We wanted to respond quicker to changes in sales and competitive activity. The NetTickIT upgrade means real time price changes in-store instead of needing up to two weeks to change and print tickets centrally.”

Vinken continued, “Key requirements for the move were a further reduction in cost and increased service at store level. We have noticed a marked improvement in our in-store ticketing since Christmas.”

Malcolm Wicks, Marketing Director Pierhouse, comments, “Migrating to the latest version of NetTickIT has enabled Harveys to ensure prices and offers are shown consistently across all stores in minutes from execution from Head Office. If price changes are required intra-campaign or in response to a competitor’s actions Head Office can send the changes to stores immediately.”

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