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We are experts in omnichannel retail. We enable great shopping experiences by integrating mobile, channels and payments.

We digitize, digitalize and transform point of purchase. We provide managed omnichannel services to drive sales growth, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Our passion is 24.7.365 retail.

NetTickIT™ – intelligent shelf edge

Problem Solver

Our NetTickIT™ is an innovative, dynamic pricing solution with multilingual and multi-currency functionality

What is NetTickIT

NetTickIT is designed exclusively for retail; B2C, DTC and B2B – it transforms in-store customer experience and drives operating efficiency across store operations.

NetTickIT Features

NetTickIT takes the pain points out in store pricing. It makes it easy for in-store colleagues to check, change and replace price tickets and critical customer information right at the shelf edge

Test & Learn

Increase category sales, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Identify the pain points and set the right KPIs to power profitable growth

Electronic Shelf Labels ESLs

Pierhouse can help you plan, implement and integrate electronic shelf labels (ESLs) with other promotion signage and data sources.

QR Codes

Open up a world of online shopping; expand category ranges; research critical brand features; check out recommendations; scan and pay right at the shelf edge

Augumented Reality

Take a closer look at what you are about to buy; find out more technical detail; check out key attributes; visualize what it looks like in real life; promote other products in category

Digital Point of Sale

Our NetTickIT smart in-store signage platform allows retailers to control and publish to all forms of digital screens.

Drive Sales

We design tickets that drive sales. We support mobile ticketing in-store. We make in-store promotions easy.

Electronic Shelf Labels ESLs

Store assistants only have to put out 1 shelf edge label that will ALWAYS correctly display the current price and promotion. The need for duplicated, centrally produced labels is drastically reduced saving time and money in head office too!

Improve Compliance

Data in retailers can come from many sources. Price, Promotion, Product information may be created, managed and sent from separate systems operated by different teams in Head Office and distributed in different ways to stores…it’s no wonder that quite often the data doesn’t match, and price labels are wrong or misleading.

Reduce Prints Costs

Promotional point of sale is often manually artworked, printed centrally and then distributed to every store. That means every store gets the same pack of promotional material irrespective of size, format, range or pricing group.

Improve My Shelf Edge Communications

In many retailers shelf edge labels are simply a printed extract from the in store till system so take very basic internal data and “dump” it on printed label.

Try New Technology

Technology in retail is moving at a rapid pace. We are seeing more and more retailers use latest innovations in technology to improve the customer experience.

Meet our customers

Benefits across retail departments

Whether you’re in Retail Ops, IT, Marketing, Finance – 
or just want to become more efficient in your retail business – we can help you!

NetTickIT Benefits for all retailers

Sell more, save more and deliver sustainable growth. We create more sales opportunities through real time category campaigns and customer engagement solutions.

Benefits for IT

NetTickIT intelligent shelf edge brings a range of benefits to simplify processes: it offers offer flexibility for future innovations & enable quick, simple integration.

Benefits for Marketing

NetTickIT intelligent shelf edge supports increased sales: ensures brand & process compliance and empowers customers at the point of purchase

Benefits for Operations

NetTickIT intelligent shelf edge supports productivity improvement. It delivers  a range of operational benefits, empowers store associates & enhances customer shopping experience.

NetTickIT Benefits for all customers

We empower customers and create omnichannel sales opportunities in-store. We build value through communication and help you to make the right decision at the point of purchase.

We provide a comprehensive range of mobile omnichannel managed services

We specialize in digital technologies which empower customers and support omnichannel customer journeys.

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