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What’s the problem?

  • “There are too many missing or incorrect shelf edge labels in my stores”
  • “Prices and promotions at the shelf edge regularly do not match the till price”
  • My customers are complaining that price labels are not correct”

What’s going on?

Data in retailers can come from many sources. Price, Promotion, Product information may be created, managed and sent from separate systems operated by different teams in Head Office and distributed in different ways to stores…it’s no wonder that quite often the data doesn’t match, and price labels are wrong or misleading.

Store teams get price labels from many sources e.g. printed from till systems, centrally distributed to stores or printed off store PCs. It’s tricky to know what the correct price or promotional label to display and the more sources of data you have the more risk there is of getting it wrong.

How can NetTickIT help?

Our NetTickIT solution is superb at taking data from till systems, marketing management software, third-parties or spreadsheets. NetTickIT takes the current product, price and promotional data from your systems and makes it available for store teams to print off accurate price labels.

NetTickIT interface uses automated artwork to create shelf labels in real time using accurate and up to date data from your systems. Store teams only access the latest version of every label so it’s impossible to print off an out of date label! Audit features of NetTickIT mean that you can monitor when stores print off labels, so you know that the latest POS has been printed and displayed.

Here’s how NetTickIT helped a retailer…


A national DIY retailer was struggling to achieve good pricing compliance in stores. 70% of stores were failing price audits 
and store managers were regularly refunding or compensating customers for charging them incorrect prices due to incorrect labels.


We worked with their IT teams to create a single automated daily feed of data pulled from multiple sources to feed into NetTickIT and create up to date accurate labels.


Stores now get daily batches containing shelf labels and point of sale that match ALL product, price and promotional changes. Store assistants print off these daily batches and display these labels each day meaning that every label across their store is correct and always matches their till price.


This retailer is predicting a saving of over £1m in the first year of using NetTickIT by not having to refund customers for incorrect prices.

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