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Improve Shelf Edge Communications

What’s the problem?

  • “I want to give customers helpful product information when they are shopping”
  • “Product descriptions on labels are inaccurate or hard to understand”
  • “My shelf edge labels are boring, hard to read and don’t fit my brand”

What’s going on?

In many retailers shelf edge labels are simply a printed extract from the in store till system so take very basic internal data and “dump” it on printed label.

Product descriptions are written in short hand or internal codes and mean very little to customers. Templates, fonts and colours for labels are impossible to change without complex coding or significant system development.

Retailers want to give customers more information about products and communicate features and benefits, offer promotions or suggest partner products. The only way they can do this is to centrally print separate labels or point of sale for stores to display as well as the price label.

How can NetTickIT help?

The NetTickIT Platform allows retailers to create high quality, informative and engaging point of sale quickly and easily. It can take any piece of data, text, image or logo and include it on templates for instore point of sale so you can build exciting and engaging labels that help sell your product.

You can create a single piece of communication that tells your customers everything they need to know and store assistants only have only one label to put out on display.

You can add in features like QR codes, web links or barcodes so customers can use scanning devices or smart phones to scan and find out more about the product, receive on the spot promotions or even link to latest scan and go technology payment systems.

Here’s how NetTickIT helped a retailer…


A national DIY retailer was struggling to achieve good pricing compliance in stores. 70% of stores were failing price audits and store managers were regularly refunding or compensating customers for charging them incorrect prices due to incorrect labels.


We worked with their IT teams to create a single automated daily feed of data pulled from multiple sources to feed into NetTickIT and create up to date accurate labels.


Stores now get daily batches containing shelf labels and point of sale that match ALL product, price and promotional changes. Store assistants print off these daily batches and display these labels each day meaning that every label across their store is correct and always matches their till price.


This retailer is predicting a saving of over £1m in the first year of using NetTickIT by not having to refund customers for incorrect prices.

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