NetTickIT Platform

Our NetTickIT solution provides retailers with the capability to publish consistent and seamless content to all customer touchpoints.

NetTickIT: The all in one customer communication platform

Our NetTickIT solution provides one smart central platform for all your customer communications and pricing needs across all channels.

With NetTickIT, Retailers can easily connect and flow their data simultaneously into any channel without the need for further integration or development.  Allowing Retailers to achieve dynamic in-store promotions, efficient store processes, centralised reporting and compliance across all channels, as well as multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.

With one central platform retailers can eliminate data duplication, errors and inconsistencies whilst benefiting from improved processes.

NetTickIT Designer

With NetTickIT Designer retailers can design their own templates and provide control to ensure all templates are consistent and on brand

NetTickIT Publisher

NetTickIT Publisher enables retailers to publish seamless content and messages across all touchpoints

NetTickIT OnePoint

Our NetTickIT OnePoint solution is a smart product information management system providing great functionality and powering the omnichannel experience

Central or Local Printing

Retailers have the option and flexibility to choose either instore printing, central printing or a combination of both

Hand Held Terminals

NetTickIT can integrate with Retailers existing Handheld terminals and belt printers, ensuring a efficient price and ticket checking process in aisle

Personal Devices

NetTickIT can also integrate with iOS, Android and/or Windows devices replacing the requirement for a PC in the back office and also provides a mobile in aisle price checking process

Electronic Shelf Edge Labels

NetTickIT can publish content to Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (ESELs) allowing retailers the flexibility to use ESELs in all or just some areas of a store. Whether ESELs or printed, all content will be consistent within a store

Digital Screens

NetTickIT can publish content to digital screens ensuring the correct pricing and product information is displayed

Proximity Marketing

NetTickIT can deliver your personalised marketing messages. Directing in store promotions directly to customer phones, increasing sales of promotional items

In-Store Mobile Shopping

NetTickIT will publish product information, pricing and promotions to this In-Store Mobile Shopping App. The App will be available for your customers to download to their own devices

Social Media

Publish promotions, offers or vouchers through Social Media channels

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