NetTickIT™ Benefits for all customers

Our NetTickIT smart in-store signage platform help retailers provide their customers with the information they want and need at the shelf edge.

Smart in-store signage for every customer

Customers are constantly demanding more from retailers and expecting retailers to provide informative, innovative and engaging shopping experiences whenever they shop. They expect prices and promotions to be correct and product information to be accurate, helpful and inspiring.

NetTickIT helps retailers provide the information at the shelf edge customers want and need when they shop. Our solution means retailers can provide a consistent brand experience in every store they trade helping customers navigate stores easily, make informed choices and be more likely to make a purchase in-store.

We can help link shelf edge information to give customers even more information on their digital devices, helping them compare products, get personalised information, prices or promotions. It’s pretty simple, NetTickIT helps retailers have great customer conversations!

Product information

NetTickIT enables retailers to give customers more product information e.g. features & benefits, reviews and legal information so they can make informed choices and buy more

Multiple currencies & languages

Our solution supports multiple currencies and languages so customers in whatever country retailers trade they can access the right product information, prices and promotions

Brand awareness

We can include brand information and logos on shelf edge communication so customers can always find their favourite brands quickly & easily

Compliance & consistency

The right price on the right product at the right time delivered by NetTickIT means that customers can shop easily, confident that prices and promotions displayed are accurate and helpful

Links to digital devices

NetTickIT can interface with all types of digital media so that customers can consistently experience brand and marketing messages, making their shopping experience more engaging


NetTickIT can provide customers with lots of information at the shelf edge making their experience e.g. tasting notes, customer reviews, linked promotions all help customers feel personally engaged

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