NetTickIT Benefits for IT

Our NetTickIT smart in-store signage platform brings a range of Retail IT benefits to simplify processes: offer flexibility for future innovations & enable quick, simple integration.

Smart in-store signage for retailers

Our NetTickIT platform brings a wide range of IT benefits to streamline processes, enable agility and support omnichannel strategy. Our cloud-based platform is easily integrated with legacy systems and offers multi currency and multi language functionality. It is fully flexible to change with market innovations and supports all paper and digital media.

Customers love the rich in-store experience brought to them by the NetTickIT platform. The right information, in the right place, at the right time for easy shopping decisions.

Retailers love NetTickIT’s proven ROI benefits – dynamic in-store promotions, efficient store processes, centralised reporting and compliance as well as multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.


One third of consumers use more than one channel during the buying journey. 22% of customers who use digital channels spend more in-store.

Source:AT Kearney

Flexible software

Agile software that has been designed for retailers by people who love retail

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate with multiple data sets in ERP, MRM and other third party data

Latest version control

The latest version of all tickets are always available – without inflexible PDF’s

Simple installation

Simple, quick installation with very low support requirements

Less duplication

Reduces the number of unsupported spread sheets used in the organisation

Supports addition of new technologies

Provides a strategic customer communications platform for new technologies like ESLs

Simplified batch processing

No need to run large resource hungry batch processes

In-house or SaaS

Powerful software that can be run in-house or as a fully managed SaaS service

Low costs

Exceptionally low rate of user calls to the help desk & low hardware costs

Cloud based

Cloud based with very low bandwidth requirements

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