NetTickIT Benefits for marketing

Our NetTickIT smart in-store signage platform brings a range of retail marketing benefits to increase sales: ensure brand & proce compliance and build customer loyality.

Smart in-store signage for retailers

Our NetTickIT platform provides smart in-store signage to retailers. The cloud-based solution can be easily integrated with legacy systems and brings a wide range of marketing benefits.

Customers love the rich in-store experience brought to them by the NetTickIT platform. The right information, in the right place, at the right time for easy shopping decisions.

Retailers love NetTickIT’s proven ROI benefits – dynamic in-store promotions, efficient store processes, centralised reporting and compliance as well as multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.

82% of purchase decisions are made in-aisle. Effective in-store promotions can increase sales uplift as much as 30%

Source: POPAI

Targeted promotions

Time specific, customer specific and store specific pricing and promotions

Dynamic pricing

POS, prices and promotions can be updated in minutes across the whole estate

Brand consistency

On brand consistency with automated artwork and full version control

Saved labour hours

Total time taken to design and approve tickets that sell cut dramatically

Price compliance

Consistent prices and promotions at the shelf edge and across the whole store

Powering omnichannel

Ability to integrate electronic shelf labels with printed signs and power the omnichannel experience

Detailed product information

Crucial product information so that shoppers can make informed decisions at the shelf edge

Pricing agility

Quick response to competitor’s promotions helping to increase sales of slow moving products

Smart templates

Smart templates to radically reduce the number of different templates required

Value propositions for customers

Enhanced value added information at the shelf edge, including incorporated reviews, helping shoppers to make effective buying decisions

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