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Smart in-store signage

Our NetTickIT software manages all the data, processes and compliance to produce promotional tickets that sell. It also controls the design, publishing, production and integration of all product and signage information. This includes product descriptions, prices, barcodes, pictures, ingredients, country of origin, QR codes, marketing messages and brand standards. In fact anything that retailers need for legal and operational compliance.

Multilingual & multi-currency capabilities

NetTickIT provides global retailers with a scalable solution that can be implemented across different geographic territories. It offers multiple language options and can also incorporate local currencies, therefore providing a complete cost effective solution that can managed centrally and implemented in any region.


Waitrose Ticket

Right every time and available on demand

NetTickIT uses automated artwork to utilise data on demand to produce store specific, on-brand, always correct tickets and offers. It eliminates issues around proofing, authorising, auditing and version control while being easy to use for head office and the in-store team. All tickets are available all of the time and retailers do not need to wait for overnight batch runs to get the latest tickets and offers into stores.

Grow with your needs

NetTickIT is a fully integrated suite of products designed to manage all aspects of the production and management of in-store signage and communications. Retailers only select the modules they need but can easily turn on other modules as required. NetTickIT is totally scalable so retailers can start with a limited number of stores and grow to a large number of stores with the same software.

Cloud based solution

NetTickIT has been designed and developed in the UK as a cloud-based application and can be accessed by any store in the world that has an appropriate licence and a basic PC. Retailers can also choose to run it in-house if they wish because the software is exceptionally well optimised and does not require a heavy investment in computer hardware.

Totally connected

NetTickIT connects all types of signage from shelf edge tickets, offers and other promotional point of sale to newer technologies such as electronic shelf labels (ESLs), handheld devices, digital media, display screens, social media and mobile phones whilst ensuring that all messages are consistent. NetTickIT also helps retailers implement joined up multi-channel and omnichannel solutions by ensuring that the correct information is seen by all customers.

Totally Connected

Single Sign On

NetTickIT works with all current identity standards including SAML, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, OAuth and OpenID Connect. This simplifies the process for staff members who do not need to spend time logging on to different applications across the store and eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords. Usernames and passwords can be set up and controlled centrally. If you don’t use SSO then normal usernames and passwords work just fine too!