Meeting customer expectations

Customers rightly want everything. They want the advantages of online including a broad selection, rich product information, recommendations and customer reviews and ratings. They also want the benefits of physical stores, where shopping is an event and an experience with personal service and the ability to touch products.

A customer might research a product online, touch and feel it up close in store, get opinions from friends via social networks, check competitor pricing on their mobile, order it online and collect it in store. Plus of course an infinite number of other permutations. The challenge for physical stores is to change how they work. It’s all about responding to Amazon.

Online merchandising in-store

The secret of success for online retailers such as Amazon is highly effective merchandising techniques honed over several years. We use those techniques in store with consistent brand engagement, product ratings, price comparisons, reviews and recommendations. This can be on POS at the shelf edge or at other points across the store and on other devices such as electronic shelf labels and interactive touch screens.


Pierhouse helps retailers implement omnichannel by integrating online and offline data so that customers can seamlessly shop between devices and channels. This helps synchronise marketing initiatives across multiple channels and create cross-channel touchpoints in stores.

When you want to integrate your online and physical channels to create an omnichannel shopping experience for your customers, talk to us.

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