Would you like to create passionate shopping journeys?

At the World Retail Congress, recently held in Madrid, the store took centre stage.

The focus being on creating really passionate shopping journeys.

The key message was today’s consumers want to buy a great product from someone they trust. And they want to have fun while they do so.

One Shop, one customer, one great shopping experience.

This sounds simple but is it really that simple…one great shopping experience will ultimately rely on the alignment of all messages and promotions across all touchpoints, both online and in store, from shelf edge to larger PoS, front of store, digital and online.

The flow of data across multiple systems will be crucial to achieve this. However, all too many Retailers we speak to have legacy systems making it challenging to achieve the flow of information now required.

So what is the recipe for one shop, one customer, one great shopping experience?

Here’s our take on this….

  1. Focus on the basics first, fix all problems with your shelf edge pricing and promotional labels to ensure shelf edge compliance.
  2. Ensure compliance of promotional messaging everywhere else in your store
  3. Then build on this good foundation with new digital technologies

One way to achieve this simply, is to find one great solution capable of achieving all of this and more.  By more, I mean a solution continuously expanded to include the next new digital technology.  Whether you are interested in RFID tags, Dynamic Pricing, QR codes, electronic shelf edge labels, animated shelf edge displays, personalised offers, Mobile Scan and Go, virtual reality, social media, the list goes on.  With the right solution you won’t need to worry about which of these digital technologies you would like to implement now, next or further into the future. Because you’ll have the required flow of information to the right solution in place, ready for when you are to begin the next new shopping experience.

With this approach, you can be confident your stores are compliant and will not let you down or cost you your consumers trust. Leaving you free to focus on succeeding with really great shopping experiences.

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Source: IORMA World Retail Congress https://iorma.com/iorma-world-retail-congress-2018-innovate-to-win/

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