Generation Z & Millennials hold the buying power and consumer behaviours are changing. In a social media obsessed world, there is almost no limit to the how, where, and when customers can engage with a brand, so what does this mean for both customers and retailers? They have plenty of attitude and want to be heard – a single complaint online could have a huge lasting impact.

A simple example of something going horribly wrong very quickly might be: a product being priced differently at the shelf edge compared to the till which can easily escalate to, an “I’m being ripped off” reaction; failure to maintain correct pricing at the shelf edge fuels mistrust like no other. Not what you want to see plastered all over social media. Building trust, having a conscience and enhancing the shopping experience, be it personalisation or gamification is the name of the game.


Well… it may not be as hard as it seems. All retailers are trying to improve the shopping experience whilst driving operational efficiencies. This is challenging for many reasons. Multiple legacy systems can easily become unaligned. For example, leading to differences between prices promoted around a store compared to those charged at the till. Our NetTickIT platform stops this from happening by integrating item price and product information from all other data sources. This information can be changed and enhanced very rapidly allowing the retailer to respond to a variety of trading conditions. Proactive or remedial action can be taken within minutes, ensuring strong store compliance and improved customer satisfaction.


Our NetTickIT platform has been designed to simplify retail store processes and maintain compliance at the shelf edge; but now we have gone even further to bring the shopping experience alive. Using augmented reality and our Invisi Signs functionality, a customer picks a target with their smart phone, perhaps the front of the store. Once locked on the app checks the platform for promotion, pricing and merchandising details for that store, on that day, and serves your potential customer a personalised offer right across the screen of the Gen Z’s smart phone. The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, the best solution is the one that’s tailored to your business – so talking to Pierhouse Business Solutions is a great next step. Retailers are turning their stores into experience-based brand hubs, using the latest technology to create fluid omnichannel interactions as well as deliver outstanding customer experiences and we are helping retailers, here in the UK, right now. A number of UK retailers are doing just this using our NetTickIT platform. To learn more and look at the case studies click here.