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What’s the problem?

I’m not selling enough to customers visiting my stores

Customers browse my shops but don’t buy anything

Promotions in my store are not performing as expected

What’s going on?

Over 80% of customer decisions to buy a product are made at the shelf edge. In many retailers the information a customer has at the shelf edge is not accurate or helpful enough to make the customer make the decision to buy.

Poorly presented information on the shelf edge labels, incorrect price or promotions on display will stop customers buying and may be contributing to your poor sales conversion.

How can NetTickIT help?

NetTickIT has already helped numerous retailers improve the visibility, accuracy and impact of promotional labels across their stores.  Our solution has helped them achieve startling improvements in customer conversion and promotional performance.

NetTickIT extracts your up to date product, price and promotional information and in real time collates that data to create shelf edge labels to a template you design.  It means every product has the right price and the right promotion every time.  It is impossible to print an out of date shelf edge label!


Here’s how NetTickIT helped a retailer…

We worked with a National DIY chain who was consistently frustrating customers with out of date, missing and poorly presented shelf edge labels. Customer conversion on big promotions was poor and customer conversion rates were low.

NetTickIT works with their price, promotion and PIM system to now create shelf edge labels that have real impact, with much clearer prices, product descriptions and customer information.  Shelf edge labels now display correct promotional messaging so every product on promotion displays a correct promotional label at the shelf edge.

This retailer has seen a double digit increase in sales of several key promotions, store compliance audits have shown a significant improvement in ticketing accuracy and the company is predicting up to £1m saving after seeing a big reduction in customer refunds due to incorrect prices.

Would you like NetTickIT to solve your problems?…

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