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What’s the problem?

Store staff spend too much time putting out shelf edge labels

Campaign and promotional changes take ages to set up in my stores

Store assistants spend too much time on admin and not enough selling to customers

What’s going on?

Many retailers have different solutions for price labels at the shelf edge (printed in store from a back office or till system) and promotional labels (artworked centrally, printed externally and delivered to store).  That means store teams often have several versions of a shelf edge label to choose from and display and in many cases put out labels more than once.

Time is also taken up checking label accuracy, reprinting or re-ordering labels that are not delivered or incorrect.  That means products are not promoted until the right label is found and displayed.  The brown box of promotional cardboard that arrives in store must be sorted through to find the right labels and tickets for that store and invariably most of it is not used and thrown away.

It’s no wonder stores teams are distracted and have no time to help customers!

How can NetTickIT help?

The NetTickIT platform helps manage all price and promotional communication for retailers into one easy to use solution.  Shelf edge label templates can include all price AND promotional information on every size label you need.  Store assistants only have to put out 1 shelf edge label that will ALWAYS correctly display the current price and promotion.  The need for duplicated, centrally produced labels is drastically reduced saving time and money in head office too!

To save even more time, NetTickIT can send price and promotions direct to electronic shelf edge labels.  This allows retailers to change prices and promotions within seconds across all locations in all stores and with no manual intervention in store at all!

Here’s how NetTickIT helped a retailer…

We worked with a national retailer with over 750 stores and implemented NetTickIT to replace their previous shelf edge label solution.  Their biggest challenge was the amount of time stores spent displaying and checking POS and signage in store.

By deploying NetTickIT we helped this retailer reduce labour spent on shelf edge labels by 50% and the savings paid back the cost of implementation within 4 months!  What’s even better is that store teams loved the solution and were able to reduce labour costs and improve the time store assistants had available to spend with customers.

Would you like NetTickIT to solve your problems?…

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