QR Codes

Open up a world of online shopping; expand category ranges; research critical brand features; check out recommendations; scan and pay right at the shelf edge

Texts, tweets and emails

NetTickIT can support omnichannel plans and customer personalisation strategies by sending signed up shoppers’ texts, email or tweets about the latest price changes or promotions.

As a fully integrated solution, NetTickIT also ensures that all prices and promotions are fully in-sync across all printed and digital devices in store. It can be set up to implement price and promotion changes across all relevant mobile and in-store printed and digital devices by pressing a single button.

Showrooming and QR codes

Some retailers are very concerned about showrooming. In our experience one of the best ways to significantly reduce showrooming is to ensure that shoppers have access at the shelf edge to all the information that they need to make a buying decision. We call this signs that sell. As well as the design of the signs a QR code is often an appropriate way to get access to even more information and encourage shopper to buy at the shelf edge.

NetTickIT with Infinite Shelf Edge has the capability to create thousands of unique QR codes in minutes and fully integrate them into all tickets and other signage.

The QR code scanned by a customer’s mobile contains a link to a website or text that tells the customer a lot more about the product. Information can be sent directly to the mobile or via a specific web address so that scan data can be collected and analysed or customer specific offers made.

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