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Reduce Print Costs

What’s the problem?

  • “Stores are throwing away mountains of unused signage every week”
  • “The cost to centrally print & distribute high quality point of sale is too high
  • “My in-store print costs are extortionate, I need to reduce them

What’s going on?

Promotional point of sale is often manually artworked, printed centrally and then distributed to every store. That means every store gets the same pack of promotional material irrespective of size, format, range or pricing group.

Store teams spend time sorting through mountains of cardboard selecting only the pieces relevant to their store and throw away everything else.

If point of sale goes missing or is incorrect, there is a delay getting replacements delivered and often store teams print off pdfs or create their own version of shelf labels or point of sale.

How can NetTickIT help?

NetTickIT enables a retailer to design and create high quality templates for all sizes of point of sale from shelf edge labels to high level signage and posters. The resulting templates are used to create the tickets and signage that are then made available to print off from NetTickIT.

Stores will only be able to print the labels and point of sale they need. High quality or larger point of sale signage can be made available to third party printers to produce and distribute to stores.The auto artwork feature means that once a template is agreed new point of sale can easily be created in seconds using a retailer’s data.

Here’s how NetTickIT helped a retailer…


A large office supplies retailer in Australia was struggling with high print costs in store and was printing large volumes of promotional labels and point of sale. They worked out about 40% of promotional point of sale printed, never got displayed.


Using NetTickIT they have revolutionised what happens in store. Store teams can now print point of sale up to A1 size in store using centrally created templates in NetTickIT. Printers in store only use black ink to print onto pre-coloured paper which has cut in store print costs by over 50%.


Stores now only print off exactly what they need to display and cardboard waste from unused point of sale has virtually been eliminated.

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