SOC Lite security solutions

We are experts in designing and implementing cyber security solutions which work for you.

Pierhouse Technologies database optimization and security services supports:

  • Increased speed  of database operation.
  • Reduced use  of infrastructure network resources.
  • Reduced risk  of data leakage.
  • Possible  24/7 support.



Faster and more secure

Our experience shows that many databases do not operate in an optimal way. Analysis of how they are working, and then appropriate optimization, enables a reduction in operational run time. This positively impacts workload pressure and significantly improves the quality of functioning of all dependent systems and applications.

More cost effective

        Critical database systems use expensive infrastructure resources. Without considering database optimization, organizations  often seek to increase effectiveness by replacing or extending infrastructure. Our experience shows that, in many cases, this step is not necessary, because the database was not optimally configured. It can often prove more efficient to invest in data optimization services first.

Increased security

Vulnerability to information leaks and database system intrusions is growing significantly. This increases the importance of appropriate database configuration. Our administrators have extensive experience in handling sensitive systems which are used for processing card payments. Knowledge of security issues should not end with restricting access to specific applications, but should also relate to database systems.

SOC Lite (Security Operations Center)

We’re passionate about safe and secure retail. We’ve developed a great solution which is especially designed to routinely check your systems and networks. Our solution is on constant lookout for attacks. Our goals is to stop them before they hit and if they do prevent them from causing significant harm to your network. Prevention is better than cure.

Preventing cyber attacks before they happen

SOC Lite is easy and fast to deploy across your networks and is designed to prevent or minimize the risk of damage to your network from cyber attacks. Protect your critical systems with ongoing security checks.

A team of specialists

We monitor your network and critical touchpoints to quickly identify risk. We collect and process data to identify flaws and potential challenges before they become big threats. Our approach is designed to prevent attacks and trigger processes to protect the integrity of your network and keep your critical data safe and secure. We analyze and track unusual behavior before it turns into a big issue for your business.

Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

We monitor firewalls, servers, workstations, IoT devices and network devices. We track data flows and critical information points and repositories to identify unusual events. Our dedicated SIEM (security and event monitoring) solutions helps keep your network running safely 24.7.365 so you can focus on doing business.

SOC Lite Solution – key features and benefits


A significant increase in IT security – safe and secure business


24 hour coverage – confidence which helps you protect your network


Objective assessment of critical infrastructure challenge – minimize risk of cyber attack


Reduced Mean Time to Discover/Detect (MTTD) – identify risks quickly before they have time to do significant damage


Reduced Mean Time to Response (MTTR) – fast reaction time and rapid management of impact


Stop unwanted attacks more quickly – prevent hacks and leaks.

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