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What’s the problem?

  • “I want to investigate latest signage technology, but don’t know how”
  • “I want to test and learn new technologies quickly and cheaply
  • “I’d like to test electronic labels ….but I’ll have to buy another expensive piece of software

What’s going on?

Technology in retail is moving at a rapid pace. We are seeing more and more retailers use latest innovations in technology to improve the customer experience.

Electronic labels have been available for retailers to use for several years but retailers often don’t install because they fear the cost to replace every label in their stores and buy new software is too high.

Scan and Go technology, augmented reality, QR codes are all developing and becoming cheaper and more accessible, but retailers don’t want to have to develop or invest in extra software products and spend time linking them to existing systems.

How can NetTickIT help?

NetTickIT is a one-stop platform that takes all the data from a retailer and publishes it to the various locations’ retailers need. That can include electronic labels, digital media, mobile devices, hand held terminals and even customer’s smart phones.

Retailers don’t have to buy separate software for each display type allowing them to easily and cheaply test and learn in manageable projects. If a single development works it can easily be rolled out across the store estate rapidly using exactly the same software.

Here’s how NetTickIT helped a retailer…


Several customers who use NetTickIT are currently investigating new technologies in small trials across individual stores, departments or products.


We have customers trialling electronic labels in small sections of their stores or using rolling digital displays to replace static posters in some of their stores. Initial investment in trials is affordable, quick and easy as it uses NetTickIT software already in their stores.


We have worked with an international Home Improvement retailer to create a new format store of the future where customers can use their smart phones to scan item labels, create a virtual basket of items that they can confirm, pay for and arrange home delivery of the items.


All the trials we run from the basic NetTickIT platform so it’s relatively simple to extend a trial to more stores or even the whole estate.

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