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NetTickIT – Smart in store signage for Retail

The NetTickIT platform enables every retailer to communicate effectively with customers in store, providing them with accurate, engaging and inspiring product information. NetTickIT has helped retailers in many countries to enhance the customer experience, encourage brand loyalty, improve store compliance and drive sales conversion at the shelf edge.

NetTickIT takes product data and information from internal and external sources and publishes it to the various locations a retailer needs:

  • Shelf edge labels – printed in store and displayed at shelf edge
  • Promotional Point of Sale – professionally printed posters, hanging banners, promotional end displays
  • Digital Media – digital screens, electronic shelf labels (ESLs)
  • Mobile Devices – in store hand held terminals, customers scanning devices or even to customer’s smart phones

NetTickIT – Improving customer experience

Customers can shop with confidence on their journey round the store as NetTickIT provides them with accurate price and promotional information, product features, benefits and key selling messages. NetTickIT even allows them to access online content like customer reviews using QR codes, or augmented reality making it more likely customers will get the information they need to make a buying decision in store.

We Love Retail and believe retailers who use NetTickIT love the efficiency, cost saving and compliance it delivers. Customers love the engaging content delivered consistently across their shopping experience.

Talk to us and we can work with you to help you have great customer conversations every day!

NetTickIT – A future proof solution for Retail

The “out of the box” NetTickIT platform can easily support basic functions (e.g. in store printing of labels) but modules to support future technology (e.g. electronic shelf labels or digital media) are easily switched on and immediately available for retailers to use.

We are always analysing the market trends to ensure any new technology is added to the platform.

Using NetTickIT means store teams need never print or display an incorrect or out of date price or promotional label again. Retailers can ensure every product has the right price and promotion on the right product at the right time achieving legal compliance and brand consistency. We’ve proved that NetTickIT makes the labelling process in store more efficient and less time consuming giving retailers valuable labour hours back to reduce costs or have more time to spend engaging with customers.