A new white paper has just been published that helps retailers create an Omnichannel environment in their stores.
Most major retailers have already started to implement some form of Omnichannel strategy. Their objective is to enable their customers to consistently interact with them through all of the touch points in their purchasing journey, includes both online and off-line. This is a major task that will impact many parts of their business and take some time to fully implement so many retailers are implementing it in phases.
The Pierhouse white paper titled: Omnichannel – How to make it work focuses on the area where 90%+ of all customer contact takes place – in stores. It concentrates on the key task of ensuring that all of the data about products including prices, promotions, images and QR codes are presented to customers consistently across the whole store. This includes all printed materials and all digital devices.
I hope that it helps you with your Omnichannel plans.