Valentine’s Day seems to divide the public – is it an over-commercialised excuse to make consumers spend (or fear the consequences) or a day to show a loved one that you care?
However you feel about the day of romance, a clear theme is the element of surprise. A card from a secret admirer, with just a hint of who might have sent it. A bunch of flowers delivered to the office.
Retailers – why not add the element of surprise to this day?
Surprising your customers is one way to ensure they return! ‘What will they do next?’ the shopper will wonder.
I was recently surprised on a visit to Basingstoke Festival place. They had commissioned artist Julian Beever to create a 3D piece of street art. Shoppers were given the opportunity to enter into a competition to win shopping centre vouchers by guessing the closest time the artist would be finished by.

3D street art

Basingstoke Festival Place.

Judging from the reaction on Facebook, this really created a buzz of excitement and added an element of surprise.
What could you do in your store to surprise your customers? It could be the excellent service, unusual products or regularly changing window displays.
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