Revitalizing Retail

Harnessing Innovation to Shape the Future of Retail


The Company at a Glance

Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgium, Cora has grown to become an icon in the grocery industry. A member of the prestigious Louis Delhaize Group, Cora operates a chain of over 80 hypermarkets spread across the breadth of Europe, with 14 key locations in Romania. Today, the company boasts an annual revenue of £21.4 bn, powered by a diverse and dedicated workforce of 152,000.

The Outcome: A New Era of Efficiency and Compliance

The adoption of NetTickIT Publisher has catapulted Cora into a new era of retail efficiency. Centralizing their ticketing process, Cora Romania now experiences standardization across its network of stores. The need to manage multiple complex data sets in different areas has been eliminated, ensuring up-to-date and fully compliant tickets. The accuracy of Cora’s ticketing and signage has significantly improved, while the automation of processes has expedited the implementation of promotional, product, and price changes in-store.

Cora’s journey showcases the transformative power of technology in modern retail, turning challenges into opportunities for growth, efficiency, and improved customer experience.